Welcome to a place of unique shared ideas. Journaling, Art works in the garden inspired by community, Great fresh eatz from the garden to the table. Hand works from the heart , recycled, tiled and more. How 2’s: recipes, natural remedies, creative projects and much more. How to be a better Mom or Dad, Sister or Brother, Neighbor, Friend, Artist or Doctor through creative gardening. Make those old running shoes into a planter home for strawberries. Grow Spanish Moss from worn out hanging ballet slippers on your porch. As pictured here, turn highly fragrant passion flower blossoms into a lovely arrangement for any interior space. Make your front yard a sanctuary for wild birds, butterflies and people passing in front of your home. Create a feast for the eyes with edible textured greens and flowers. Learn about these ideas and much more here. Live to give. Care to share. Thank you for checking in !

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